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Dale Earnhardt Sr.


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League Officials

Marimbakat, League Director

ant1897, League Official

fasr06, League Official

Rilos04, League Official

sickwititHD, League Official

WALLYGATOR-215, League Official

avijan, Race Official

Bjorn, Race Official

Botts_225, Race Official

DavidCore89, Race Official

dioulios, Race Official

MyNameIsGrayson, Race Official

muddog288, Race Official

Stallard22, Race Official

Tarkawarra, Race Official

TexasTyme214, Race Offical

TropperMatt, Race Official

VexedTechie, Race Official

Von_Slam_Stone, Race Official

WhiteyDoBow, Race Judge

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Current Running Series

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The ROLEX24 @ Dubai!
Line of Porsche 911s on the track
Porsche Cup in Full Swing!
Formula Gulf Car
Australian Tour's Prototype Division!

Headlines from the Haulers...

Scott-M-18! Your 2017 WRC Champion!

Highlights from the Australian Tour's Nautica Enduro Series @ Bathurst

Help Us Redline It!
A fundraising effort is under way to help improve the STA site., founded in 2011 as a free racing simulation league, is looking to upgrade it's website. We are asking for as little a $1 to $5 in donations to this cause. As we strive to offer our members, as well as the public, the best in online racing, we want to make sure the look of the league is up to date as well. Our goal is only $280.00. Click on the side button and you'll be taken to a special PayPal page to make a donation. We thank you for your support.
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Sign Up for a Series!
Open to the Public, but used my STA driver to sign up for divisional series events, Gasoline Alley is the bread and butter of the Racing League. The Ins and Outs are all found here. In order to sign up for a divisional event sanctioned by STA, you have one place to go for it all. The Official Forums for the league is found at Gasoline Alley.
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Hire a Crew Chief!
Download Project Cars Apps to gain a spotter, racing information (more in depth than the standard Crew Chief), and telemetry to help you race smarter, and win more. The addition of these apps are a must have for any sim racer. It will guarantee a more real and immersive experience at
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Follow @seetheair on twitter and get updates when LIVE races are taking place. Marimbakat's LIVE stream during races via PS4 allows you to see the action as it happens.
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Follow @seetheair on twitter and get updates for upcoming events and headlines from the premier in online racing leagues.

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