How you can help us at was founded on March 15th, 2011. It's principal idea was that it would allow drivers and competitive racers find a place free from the chaos of open lobby rooms on formats throughout the PlayStation online network. A safe and enjoyable experience was the hallmark of creating this racing league. The implementation of a website where members could go was the start of it all. We did not want to have a simple forum where pop-up ads were present and we felt that drivers of this league deserved better. As a website was created and transformed through the past years, our numbers grew. We have expanded to over 15 countries on 4 continents.

Through this entire time and into the creation of apparel, window decals and even a new website displaying a blog, we have never asked for membership dues from our drivers. All members play for free. They race now for prizes given in donation by supporters and sponsors. We have created a community all around the world, where free play in racing events pays.

While we have supporters, mainly from the founders, and sponsors for prizes of championship drivers, the day in and day out operations of continue to mount as countless hours are spent to make sure this league runs smooth and without a hitch. It is in this that we ask, if you are looking to help out in any way, donations are the best way. We accept prize awards to use in our seasonal championships in various seasons, but the good 'ole fashion donation is geared to help those day to day operations of the league. You may give as little as $5 or as much as you wish. As we thank you for your contribution, we also say a prayer for your gift, as it will ensure to give everyone at a place to relax and enjoy their racing experience, and to gain a friend from everywhere in the World.

Ways in which will utilize you contribution

  • Website Design/ Development/ Upkeep (website fees and hosting)
  • STA Apparel & Accessory Production
  • Broadcasting Operations
  • Championship Prizes for the league

Located at the homepage as well as below, the donation button takes you through to PayPal to help you contribute to what we believe is the future in racing. You may leave a message on how you would like to see the donation spent. With your contribution we can also list your name on our sponsors page. Just use the comments section to signify that. Thank you and God Bless.


To contact us for more information please email us at