For the first five years at, all of the contributions made toward the league were either through the League Director, or by founding members. This mostly included League Officials who saw the potential of what STA was, and wanted to make sure it kept going and growing as far as it could. Founding members like E6Romeo and Enforcer52, contributed funds toward website maintenance and web hosting. When it comes to prizes and apparel, the League Director Marimbakat supplied the bulk of funds to assure that members had no obligation to membership fees.


With the future ahead of us at, we have found new partners to help carry the load and still provide drivers a membership fee free experience, and provide prizes and funds to help expense operational costs for the league. These special partnerships donate prizes and other supportive aids and deserve their right place with STA. For that, we have formed Victory Lane. Victory Lane is our place to showcase those winners that have helped continue to provide for all of its members. A place to show our appreciation for their contribution. For all you do we say THANK YOU, and God Bless! Partnerships



Pirata Della Strada® is REFINED meets REDLINE.

REFINED Italian designed performance wear inspired by the world of motorsport; REDLINE.

It celebrates and supports the powerful force of the human DRIVE to succeed and to be adventurous; to experience living life on and beyond the REDLINE. Pirata Della Strada® is Italian for adventurer, pirate of the road. You are that adventurer! Take charge, dare to push the limits, and DRIVE your way to victory on whatever ROAD in life you’re on...REDLINE IT!

REDLINE is the highest level of every engine before it peaks to its highest performance. This is why we say that the human body is not designed to ‘idle in neutral’...It’s built to be pushed to the limit! REDLINE IT!

A True Adventurer of the Road:
Pirata Della Strada® was bred from heritage; deeply engrained in the heart and soul of a true adventurer and self made mechanical engineer. A real life Pirata Man, a Pirate of the grandfather Antonio. He passed down to me his passion for restoring some of the most sought after cars and motorcycles, his love for life, and an attitude for style, like that which comes from a well worn leather jacket. I found this same inspiration in the Italian passion for life, cars, fashion and style. This is why most of our shirts are originally styled in and imported from Italy. Experience the exclusive design, style and quality of Pirata Della Strada.® Wear what DRIVES YOU!

AND1 is an American athletic shoe company specializing in basketball shoes and clothing. Founded on August 13, 1993, the company's headquarters were located in Paoli, Pennsylvania.

EA Sports' NBA Street, published in 2001, featured dunks and passes in AND1 fashion, but was licensed from the NBA. In 2002, Activision announced the first AND1 video game called Street Hoops, featuring AND1 players. Gameloft has also released a mobile game based on the AND1 franchise. STA Member SOUTH-BRONX works with AND1 marketing in New York and has helped bring AND1 into the league sponsorship with athletic footwear for championship drivers in designated divisions.


To contact us for more information please email us at