About STA

About the SeeTheAir.com Racing League

SeeTheAir.com was founded in March of 2011, and was named in honor of the 7-time Winston Cup Series Champion Dale Earnhardt Sr. It has been said in interviews with drivers, and documentaries, including DALE the moive, that Dale Earnhardt could actually see the air in front of him, and that's why he was so good. This analogy has been taken to the next level with the SeeTheAir.com Racing League for PlayStation, and PC. It was created and developed for racing enthusiasts who want to race in a secure setting, online, and through the PC, & PlayStation 3 and 4 formats. We invite all serious and causal racing gamers to join our exclusive secured league to test if they can see the air.

We are the host of drivers and racers from all over the World. The majority of our drivers hail from the United States, but our membership is in Canada, Mexico, Columbia in South America, and even Peru. Our signal stretches both oceans from Australia & New Zealand to England, up North to Norway, Finland, and even into Denmark and Greece. STA roots are also grounded in the Middle East, Russia, and even into China. We are truly international, and we ask if you would join us to grow bigger and better.

The STA Racing League started it's run on Gran Turismo 5 and then Gran Turismo 6 by Polyphony Digital. Recent and more successfully, SeeTheAir.com has moved into F1 2015 by Codemasters for the PlayStation 4. With this move up in games, STA included the highly popular format by Slightly Mad Studios Project Cars on PS4. Expansions are planned which include iRacing and Project Cars on PC, as well as a dip into MotoGP & Rally titles as well. Over 10+ league divisions encompass SeeTheAir.com and it is governed and maintained by it's members. League Officials govern each event to ensure clean races are run and that all drivers are abiding by the rules set in the league. SeeTheAir.com Racing League is a member of the International Sim Racing Federation.

SeeTheAir.com provides a separate member forum, only accessible through membership, to inform drivers of changes, updates, and events within the league. We are active on Twitter, Facebook, and have recently joined Instagram.