League Officials

League Director:

The Director of the League is where the buck stops. All final decisions are made through the League Director. The director is responsible for delegating responsibilities of race events and activities to other officials so that the league may run at a more optimal level. The director is also in charge of all content on the websites associated with the racing league. Twitter accounts associated with SeeTheAir.com must have approval with the director. Content on any Facebook page is not monitored by the director, and is not authorized as a linked to SeeTheAir.com. If any information or content is unapproved by the director it will be taken down. The League Director is an Official that can operate a race event and activities associated with that even including; Qualifying, penalty assessment to drivers, and race time decisions. The League Director is responsible for membership of the league and is the only Official authorized to release a member from the league and its activities.

League Officials:

A League Official is a position within the league that helps implement league rules and decisions made for the league itself. The only higher position is the League Director. This Official has authority over all Officials, Judges, and Members. The League Official can make penalty assessments and decisions as the League Director does. This position also incldues; Qualifying and race time decisions.

Race Officials:

The Race Official has authority over Race Judges, and Members. The position gives members the opportunity to organize race schedules for a series they moderate only. They also carrying the responsibility to officiate during qualifying procedures and help with race time decisions.

If a Race Official can not be reached in order to qualify for a race event, a member must find a League Official in order to complete qualifying for that particular race.

Race Officials can call cautions during races, and black flag individual drivers, but can not assess point penalties to drivers. If a Race Official sees an infraction, that Official must make it public and can relay the information to a League Official for review. If the Race Official notices a black flag offense, then the Race Official can assess a black flag to that individual driver.