Hire a Crew Chief an Win with Project Cars Applications


Crew Chief for Project CARS is an alternative race engineer for Project Cars which contains more accurate and detailed radio messages than the built in race engineer. It's also a spotter, and will tell you when there's a car along side. The app includes voice recognition with a set of phrases you can use to request updates from the race engineer. FREE on Laptop computers, it uses the Bluetooth network connection in conjunction with the UDP settings on Project Cars. $5.63 on mobile devices and tablets.

CLICK HERE to visit the Project Cars forums for the link to the Laptop version.


Created by Pocket Playground, this second screen app allows you to display vehicle dashboard info, lap timings, or even telemetry data from your current session directly onto an iOS or Android device. Give it to a friend and they can act as your pit engineer monitoring your race and giving you valuable info! pCARS Dash is $4.99 in both the Google Play and Apple App Store.


Created by Sebastian Barz, this second screen app takes a widget-based approach allowing you to pick the info you want to see and create your very own layout of the data that’s most important to you! HUD Dash is FREE & available to use on PC only.


Created by MikeyTT, vrHive features all manner of gauges for speed/revs, water/oil temperatures, lap and positional info, as well as lap timing tables and telemetry data logging. Perfect for analysing post-race to see areas to improve.

The newest version of vrHive is now compatible with the PC version of Project CARS as well as the Playstation 4 & Xbox One versions!