Privacy Policy is a private secured racing league within the sim racing communities of Gran Turismo, Project Cars, F1 2016, Project Cars 2, DiRT Series racing games, rFactor, and including Steam on PC. Founded in March of 2011, this private league is a non-profit league that gives no endorsements or sponsorship to any mentioned company or product on its site. Any mention of a product or company on the website is purely done out of the realistic feel for the league. No monies are collected for the day to day operations for the website and all operations are done for the entertainment of the league alone.
All participants of the racing league have submitted information to use on the website and no personal information is made public that participants did not agree upon. Participants that have been known to be damaging to the operations of the league will be removed and all information is used to verify that those participants do not continue with disruptions in the operations of the league.
All information written on the website has been obtained through research and compiled information. All information posted is considered published works, but is not to be used in a damaging fashion as to discredit or diminish any other league. and its participants claim no responsibility to the free domain information or images posted on the racing league website from other areas of the internet. League rules published on the league rules page are considered intellectual property of Any Information found on other sites with claims of copyright to that information shall not be seen as creditable to this league due to all information here was obtained through public domain, and through individual membership participation. Ownership of the domain name is copyrighted, as well as the STA logo.