Welcome to the Online Racing Community for Project Cars, F1 2016, DiRT Rally, DiRT 4, Assetto Corsa & rFactor2 at It's something special to be apart of an online racing league. In a typical online lobby for Project Cars & F1 2016 you never know what to expect. You could rarely find a good room where everyone has a microphone, races clean, or respecting all the drivers on the track. In reality, you can only find that in a league developed for the pure enjoyment of racing. was developed for that purpose. The purpose of week in and week out racing events scheduled is so online gamers can have a home and race each other clean and respectfully. STA has launched into a multiple division league where you can race in series events from Off-Road Rally Cars to F1 Cars racing at blurring speeds around various tracks. We have also expanded so much throughout 30+ countries Worldwide, that we hold three separate tours, so you can race just about anywhere in the World and be a part of one of the best International Racing Leagues on the planet.

If you have browsed around the website here at, hopefully you've found what you're looking for. If you're looking for more variety, we always have room to expand. Our motto is "Drivers Wanted". We value imput. Once you've registered, you'll have the the opportunity to voice you opinion in our online forum called "Gasoline Alley". A trial run in your membership may occur before access is granted to the forum. This is an indication why you'll feel safe in this league. We are secured and make sure that inappropriate individuals do not harm the racing experience we offer at STA. A few regulations govern our organization for registration. They are of the following:

>  STA Racing League is a secured league for mature gamers.

>  ALL MEMBERS ARE REQUIRED TO HAVE MICROPHONES FOR THE RACES. They do not have to be on all the time, but in order to listen to Pre-Race instructions, or give communication on vehicle position or passing, a mic is required.

>  You must abide by the STA League Rules that govern the league and it's events.
If you feel that you are a fit for our organization please click on the link below to send a registration for membership to We welcome serious inquires only for the best racing experience you will find. Also ADD the following STA Officials to your PSN Friends list: marimbakat, fasr06, Rilos04, ant1897, sickwititHD & WALLYGATOR-215.